Cost Effective Fuel Cards

At Fuelcards 4U Ltd, we can offer you a great range of low cost Commercial, Supermarket and Retail fuel card solutions that can lead to real savings for your business improving your profit and giving you a secure and efficient fuel card system. All invoices are HMRC approved and with on-line invoicing and management information you are in control at all times.

Commercial Fuel Cards

All cards regardless of brand are priced weekly based on the International Spot Market located at Rotterdam, keeping you close to the real price movements of the international oil trading market week to week as they happen. Cards are used at specific major branded garages, Truckstops and many Supermarket and Motorway service stations.

Supermarket Card

The first fuel card to be available at all 4 major supermarkets, Tesco, Sainsbury, Asda and Morrissons. Save costs and instantly know the price with pump prices at the supermarket you are filling up at.

The future of fuel cards is here with Futuresfuelcard. Would your business benefit from a great new fuel card that enables you to FREEZE your diesel price for up to 12 months at a time? You can agree to freeze from 1 to 12 months for a specific weekly number of litres and take away those price movements which make accurate budgeting a tough job. Call us for details of how this system works. It will benefit your business to be in control of the price you pay.

So regardless of what size or type of fleet you currently operate we can add value to your business bottom line.

Our fuel cards are from major fuel retailers in the UK, and provide you with access to various national networks of highly visible fueling points to suit your area of operation, all at competitive prices. We can also provide European cards for a most comprehensive coverage throughout Europe. You can enhance these by adding on Road and Tunnel Tolls and VAT Recovery to complete your European package.

You will have a Personal Account Manager who will look after your account from the day you apply and throughout your business relationship with Fuelcards 4U Ltd, which we’re sure will be a long and B2B beneficial one.

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