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Fuelcards 4U work in partnership with both Millers Oils Ltd, the oldest and most experienced lubricants blender in the UK, and Speciality Lubricants Ltd, to supply you with the most advanced range of high quality lubricants at the best price and quality combination to help keep your vehicles on the road and running smoothly.

For decades, Millers Oils has specialised in the production and development of Synthetic and long-drain engine and transmission oils. This means less downtime for your vehicles and substantially reduced costs. You can even enjoy reduced fuel consumption with the ‘lower drag’ properties of Synthetic lubricants. This technically advanced range meets the requirements of vehicle manufacturers' specifications, and various grades comply with OEM warranties.

Other products available include fuel treatments, which can help increase fuel efficiency whilst reducing emissions, and ancillary items such as brake fluids, greases, antifreezes and cleaners.

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